Basic Information

  • Title: Women’s Volleyball Nations League 2024 Macao presented by Galaxy Entertainment Group
  • Venue: Galaxy Arena
  • Date: 28 May 2024 (Tuesday) to 2 June (Sunday)
  • Organisers: 
    Sports Bureau of the Macao SAR Government
    Galaxy Entertainment Group
    Volleyball Association of Macao, China
  • Sanctioned by: Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB)

Teams Competing in Macao

China, Brazil, Italy, Dominican Republic, Japan, Netherlands, Thailand and France

Competition Format

A total of 16 national teams, including 11 core teams and 5 challenger teams, will compete in 6 cities across the globe over the 3-week Preliminary Phase. Two legs of preliminary matches are scheduled each week, and 5 days of matches among 8 national teams will be held in each leg, equalling a total of 96 matches in the 3-week Preliminary Phase. Macao will host one of the legs of the Preliminary Phase.

The top eight teams as per the Teams Ranking System at the end of the Preliminary Phase will advance to the quarterfinals of the Final Phase (the national team of the hosting territory of the event will have a guaranteed berth to the Final Phase), from which the winning teams will enter the semi-finals by direct elimination. The winning teams of the semi-finals will then compete in the finals for the champion title of the FIVB Women’s Volleyball Nations League.

Match Schedule

Date Session Time Team
Session 1 16:00 Thailand vs Dominican Republic
19:30 Brazil vs Japan
Session 2 16:00 Italy vs France
19:30 Netherlands vs China
Session 3 12:30 Dominican Republic vs Italy
Session 4 16:00 France vs Japan
19:30 Brazil vs Netherlands
Session 5 12:30 France vs Thailand
Session 6 16:00 Netherlands vs Dominican Republic
19:30 Japan vs China
Session 7 12:30 Brazil vs Italy
Session 8 16:00 Dominican Republic vs Japan
19:30 Thailand vs China
Session 9 12:30 France vs Netherlands
Session 10 16:00 Brazil vs Thailand
19:30 Italy vs China